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Disability Services Toowoomba

Ours is a reliable hub for disability support services, deeply rooted in the East Toowoomba region, as a notable NDIS provider Queensland. Our profound familiarity with disability services stems from personal encounters, igniting our commitment to tending to individuals with disabilities. The quest for tailored support services aligning precisely with individual requirements often proves to be a formidable undertaking. This very challenge propelled the inception of Dream Big Support Services, an embodiment of our unwavering resolve to fill this gap.

Our team embodies a profound passion for their roles, fostering an inclusive environment where experience melds harmoniously with empathy. Equipped with an extensive grasp of the field, we navigate the intricacies of disability support services, thereby comprehending the significance of bestowing upon our beneficiaries the invaluable gift of choice and command over their own trajectories.

Our identity as a distinguished NDIS provider Queensland further underscores our grasp of the landscape, magnifying our commitment to steering participants toward autonomy. Without reservation, we embrace challenges of every magnitude, as our resolute squad remains poised to guide you unwaveringly toward your aspirations, enabling you to envision and achieve with boundless ambition for disability services.

Here's What We Provide

Our disability services toowoomba and ndis provider queensland encompass a wide range of support options, designed to promote independence, well-being, and community engagement. With a focus on individual goals and aspirations, we ensure that our disability support services foster growth and positive change. As your chosen NDIS providers toowoomba, we are here to guide you through the journey, providing unwavering assistance that goes beyond the ordinary.

Experience the benefits of personalised care and expertise with Dream Big Support Services – your partner in unlocking a brighter future through our exceptional disability services.

Dream Big Support Services

NDIS Short-Term Accommodation

Respite/Short Term Accomodation (STA)

Experience peace of mind with our Respite/Short Term Accommodation (STA) services, a vital component of our comprehensive disability support services. We understand that caregivers also deserve a break, which is why our STA services are designed to provide exceptional care and support to individuals with disability services, allowing caregivers to recharge.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living

Embrace independence through our Supported Independent Living services. We focus on strengths while providing comprehensive disability services, enabling you to lead a fulfilling life at your own home. With our dedicated team, we’re here to empower you every step of the way.

NDIS Support Coordination Service

Support Coordination

Our Support Coordination disability support services are designed to streamline and manage your NDIS plan effectively. Our experienced coordinators are dedicated to linking you with essential services, ensuring your NDIS services is optimally utilised across all disability services.

Community Participation Support Program

Community Participation

At Dream Big, our commitment to community participation is centred around enabling individuals with disability support services to embrace an ordinary life and actively engage within their social and environmental preferences. We believe in fostering community integration, extending this principle to encompass both recreational and economic aspects. By championing these values in our disability services toowoomba, we empower participants to embrace a fuller and more inclusive community experience.

Capacity Building Support Services

Capacity Building

Our core mission is to empower individuals and families with disabilities, unlocking the NDIS’s full potential. As a committed NDIS providers Toowoomba and disability services Toowoomba, we guide you toward your health goals, providing attentive support that fosters independence through informed decisions. Our experienced team of registered nurses and support workers is dedicated to delivering personalised care, enabling your growth and autonomy for disability support services.

NDIS group activities

Group Activities

Engage in a diverse range of enriching group activities through our disability support services. We’re here to empower you to participate in social and recreational endeavour’s that hold personal significance. From disability services bowling club gatherings to regular outings, our offerings ndis provider queensland encompass a spectrum of developmental daily living and leisure activities tailored to your preferences.

Domestic Assistance Services

Domestic Assistance

We understand the significance of a clean and organised home environment for your overall well-being. Through our domestic assistance with disability support services, we offer occasional or regular support with household tasks, prioritising your safety and the upkeep of your living space. With the belief that cleanliness enhances comfort, our team strives to create a harmonious living atmosphere that aligns with your needs for disability services.

Gardening services and lawn mowing For NDIS in Toowoomba

Yard/ Gardening Assistance

At Dream Big, we help you maintain both indoor and outdoor spaces for a fulfilling independent lifestyle. Our yard and gardening assistance services encompass plant care, lawn maintenance, pruning, hedge trimming, weeding, and overall garden upkeep. By offering these services, we support you and your loved ones in nurturing your environment.

Why Choose Dream Big Support Services As Your NDIS Provider Queensland?

  • Dream Big Support Services is a standout NDIS provider Queensland, known for our compassionate and reliable approach. With a strong dedication to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities,
  • we offer a comprehensive range of Disability Support Services that cater to diverse needs. Backed by considerable experience, we ensure participants receive tailored care aligned with their unique goals.
  • What sets Dream Big Support Services apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality disability services Toowoomba. our proficient team not only understands the NDIS services but is also deeply passionate about creating a positive impact.
  • Choosing us means choosing inclusivity, independence, and empowerment. Through personalised care plans and skill-building activities, we not only provide essential support but also nurture vital life skills and aspirations.

Who We Support?

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Queensland, our organization, Disability Services Toowoomba, extends a compassionate hand to offer unparalleled assistance to those with disabilities.

Disability Services And Support Care
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Group activities: I like the variety of activities I have to choose from.

MR Jacobo & Miss Betsy Client

SIL: Dream Big assists me to have choice and control over my life in my home.

MR Nathaniel Client

Community Access: I get to choose what I want to do nothing is an issue for my staff

MR Berend Client