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You can accomplish or feel accomplished with the right support services. At Dream Big Support Services, we are passionate, inclusive and experienced in assisting people with disabilities. Our vision is to create opportunities for our participants to realise their potential and make choices that contribute to their quality of life. 

Helping people with disabilities to lead independent, fulfilling lives is what makes us tick. Our staff are trained and experienced in assisting people with disabilities, and work hard to ensure that participants get the support they need.  There is no challenge too big or too small, and our staff are dedicated to assisting you to dream big today!

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Helping individuals with disabilities achieve their goals through choice and control while maintaining independence.


We believe in self-determination and the importance of choice! Our vision is to create a compassionate community that supports people with disabilities to live full and exciting lives.


Compassion – You matter too! Respect – All individuals have equal rights and opportunities. Openness – All communication must be honest with transparency.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Group activities: I like the variety of activities I have to choose from.

MR Jacobo & Miss Betsy Client

SIL: Dream Big assists me to have choice and control over my life in my home.

MR Nathaniel Client

Community Access: I get to choose what I want to do nothing is an issue for my staff

MR Berend Client